Sunday, April 02, 2006

I observe a little the small world which surrounds me and I put myself questions more and more... Odd, Ca did not arrive to me so front. In short.
I thus walk my small cenvery in this world, and I think that perhaps, me, Samantha, I am not completely normal, if as well is as that has a direction. I have just left a lunch between "comrades" a man, altogether suitable (23 years, school of engineer, aïe that wedges), and 2 girls (even age, large school) who opened to me the eyes on youth of today (and me I am what then??? an old woman???)
- If you do not drink like a hole with every evening at the point to forget those with which you layers, at the point to even forget that you slept with somebody...
- If you do not smoke like a toxico for the same reasons as quoted previously
- If you agree one exceptional partner even at the time of week end (included/understood by there, if you are maquée even at the time of the week end of integration)
------> It is that you must certainly be enormously made shit in the life, and that one cannot have fun with you.
the young in the following way concluding engineer: "hmm since that we can nothing make together, as much as I erase your number of my portable..." (goujat!)humm humm Good initiative indeed, I did not dare you to suggest it!
There I think that I am nevertheless quite glad to leave with a normal guy... Though I start to have doubts... I speak about it around me, I get information
- thus Marie, you also you Say drink like a hole during the evenings? You were done how much guys? What 5!!! You do not remember even more theirs first name? But do not even be very pretty for you! Ah it was in the black... You do not even know if you reconnaitrais them. Have you reason is necessary to have fun
- And you Maxou? How that are to you more virgin since the WEI! Cheer I was not well-informed... A beginning with all is necessary, I agree.
- Ah! Is Martin, you a serious guy, then it was how this week end? Have you vomit in the bus? Bah it is not serious that...
Finally...I would have liked y gone me in this Week end integration... I am already taken, but that would have made me a beautiful sociological experiment... I would not make that to quote one of the participants of this adventure which in reported the facts "of the animals, all the animals" (it forgot to add "me including"...)
I smell myself nevertheless old suddenly. And yet I have by no means the impression to be bored to death in the life, quite to the contrary. Not to drink at least enables me to remain conscious of all the good moments of the evening and to avoid the bad (oups, how you apelles with the fact? My string is wedged in the back pocket of your Jean, it is as that which I recognized you; -)) Who more is, the fact of devoting itself to only one man is not unpleasant... when this one can there be caught!
Say me that I am not the only one to think it!!!!


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