Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I thought of an article over my incredible day when my glance met that of Julien Courbet (with television) presenting an emission on the sleep. Being sleepy head inveterate week end and an insomniac the week I say myself:"tiens, why not?" insinuation "this must-to be a pure shit but let us leave its chance with the product". Actually I did not hold more... (glance with my watch) 13 minutes 25 seconds hmmm not badly nevertheless.
Not being able to retain my indignation in front of as well connery, I ran in front of my computer (I hope as you visualize the scene well, with the idle and in red shirt as in Alerte with Malibu with the boobs who balance myself with the liking of the wind, with the only exception close that I am equipped and that I do not have of boobs) so making you divide it.
- you had already noticed with which point television (or rather boxes of prod.) used the misery of people to make audience?In the heading "to make shame with the poor people which make walk the emission" one could quote "It initially is clean" new runs of M6. Bachelors confirmed for the majority shows us the state of decay of their apartment between trace of shit on the basin of the WC, and mildewed around the wash-hand basin... Without speaking about small droppings of the cat which forms a true play of track on the parquet floor. One apelle with the rescue two species of large haughty middle-class women with wedged airs, which are in fact of the cleaning ladies (as a chanel suit and chignon banana please!) and which will spend the days to knee to puff out dust. Charming!
The question is: Can one fall lower? In the silly thing, it is difficult. But of other fields are to be explored: Were the borders of morals have pushed back enough with emissions such as "the island of temptation?" And then finally is morals with what that useful? pff it is can this kind of trick, to only hear it this word "MORALS" one has as a lead cap which falls down on our shoulders... It is nevertheless one of the things which makes that we are Men.
The other question that I installation is as follows: if the emissions of this kind flower, it is certainly that they manage to ensure a minimum of audience. And there, I have a little shame. I smell myself responsible finally: these emissions with the idiot, I looked at them, I would perhaps look at them still (if I do not have anything other to make and that I find myself with the bed with 40 of fever, incompetent to move a finger to change chain; rrrrrgh it is difficiiiiiiiiiile, with the secouuuuuuuuuuurs! Oh! Y has new Bachelor! It is not badly nevertheless... How that, it is the 3e girl which passes to the pan?) All that, it a little our isn't fault?