Thursday, April 20, 2006

Like every Friday evenings, all the family is joined together in waiting of the 3 weekly episodes of sex and the city. Do not say to me that you also you find curious to look at this kind of series in family... It is however well the case, having only one tele in the house and my dear father being very curious to supervise closely all that looks at his/her daughters, we find ourselves all the 6 (my three sisters and me, my mother and my father) to look at obsenities in glurp family.

In so far as I know, each one finds its account there. My sisters and me we délectons stories of Samantha, not me of course, those which makes incredible somersaults with each episode, and desire gives us for starting again with our in love respective. We are also inspired by the eccentric behaviours of Carrie Bradshaw, while dreaming secrétement to make the same job as Miranda and to have a house as beautiful as Charlotte. In two words, that allow us to moreover live our life with brown of imagination. As for our parents... Behind their outraged airs, I did not cease asking me what could attract them well, until this famous Friday...

Last Friday thus, we patiently looked at all the episodes of sex and the city, in family and... with our great surprise and with regard to my sisters and me, with our great relief, there was no scene of sex! I say "to our great relief" because you cannot imagine at which point we were badly at ease to attend with our parents a torrid scene, with cries and suggestive remarks with the support. On the other hand, my mother was extrêment disappointed... "But it occurred anything this evening! I would have better done to go to lay down me, me."
Mom????? "Ben yes, stop making your chochottes, it was really very software this evening!" And my father to confirm.

Obviously Samantha had fallen in love, it was thus much less "hot" Charlotte had divorced, and Curry had not even succeeded in being made Big... Only Miranda, enclosure to the tooth had succeeded in convincing its ex to relieve it a little. But of the opinion of all the family, this girl was really a remedy against the love, "a small oozing pig" even had said my father. Whereas me and my sisters were satisfied with the entry of carrie in the world of vogue, my parents needed something moreover...

And this kind of revelation can chambouler all the image that you had been done of your parents. Me which believed that they had stopped making love after my birth, that their libido had decayed for 20 years and that to look at small scenes coquienes was well the last thing for which they required... Oui, I know, it is a little naive like way of seeing the things. But only you to me say ètes never put questions about the sexual life of your parents. And if they have of them really one, which is their secrecy to be also discrete???